Welcome to Niigata in Japan

This place is not famous tourist spots like Kyoto, Kamakura or Nikko.
There is nothing like bustling fashion streets in Tokyo or Osaka.
You can’t find us on your guidebook so you’ll have to find your own destination and the spots.
All we have here is the peaceful and abundant time.
Which also means you could create your plans according to whatever comes up in your mind.

In Satoyama, villages in the mountain area, you would experience warm Japanese hospitality おもてなし (omote nashi)  at the inn run by local people.The kind elderly man would find you and invite you to their his house for a cup of tea,

elderly ladies who are working in their fields might ask you to take pictures with you.

There are chances you can enjoy the interaction with local Japanese.

Would you like to talk with local people? Would you like to take a walk to find the beautiful flowers and fields in the area?
Maybe all you would like to do is to relax at the Japanese balcony Engawa feeling the fresh Satoyama breeze or retreating yourself in the room reading books.

We have villages you’ve seen in Kurosawa movies.

Wouldn’t you like to see and experience the pastoral sceneries you see in classical Japanese movies?

Seek more for the authentic Japan with us!

A tour report planned in the past

Niigata. The snow country surrounded by mountains, rivers and beautiful rice terrace called Tanada.
Our winter is long, especially in Echigo Nagaoka.
In November, we start to feel the winter approaching through the window and soon the whole world is covered with pure white snow.

This snow has created its own unique culture and the way of lives.
The snow falls in the Echigo mountains and the pure fresh water comes down all the way through the ground are the sources of the best rice Koshi Hikari in Japan and Sake-wine that has brought Nagaoka to the second most number of Sake winery in Japan.

Our tour contains four of main factors; nature, climate, culture and cuisine.
We are confident with our tour to be one of your best destinations in Japan.

Influence People, Take Advantage of Local Industry -Inbound Tourism is Now in Niigata and Nagaoka!

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- Kumiko Machida, CEO of 8TRIPS I was born in Tokamachi in 1960, raised in Nagaoka city since I was five. My turning point was when I did a [...]

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Villages in mountains called satoyama are not tourist spots. People there are not aware of guiding tours. This is where we help people to communicate.

We are not only organizing the ordinary tours that introduce Japanese culture or life style but also we aim to bring out new places that are still not known and spacial activities for the tourists. We offer you 食 shoku(cuisine), 足 ashi(transportation), 枕 makura (inn) to make you tour unique and memorable one.

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Enjoy the seasonal pictures of Nagaoka and Niigata. Here are the pictures taken in town of Tochio. Tochio is a historic place where Shogun Uesugi Kenshin spent his adolescent period. Also, Tochio is known as one of the cradle towns of shrine rituals called Akiba Faith.

The shopping arcade still has its traditional architecture gangi, which creates an atmosphere of good old days of Showa era. If you look at the mountains, you can see the beauty of the stepped rice paddies. You will realize why people there love and are proud of Tochio.

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We have rich tourism resources all over Japan and each of them has the tremendous possibility for both locals and you.
We offer a special tour for you to find the authentic Japan.
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