yukyuzan park

yukyuzan park

The park has seasonal flowers and plants.

In spring, about 2,500 cherry trees turn the entire park light pink.

Light-up events are also held, and cherry blossoms illuminated by pink lights reflected in the night sky are a sight to behold, shining like jewels.

Visitors can enjoy the history of Nagaoka and its seasonal flowers and plants with cute animals.

A large monkey mountain is also a highlight.

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After all, cherry blossoms!
About 2,500 cherry trees turn the entire park light pink.

Cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in fall cover the entire park in warm colors.

Trees change with the seasons. Please enjoy such Japanese nature.

Monkeys viewing cherry blossoms. Autumn leaf peeping. Such a scene unfolds.

Food stalls line the streets, and there is plenty to eat, see, and stroll around.

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Have you ever heard of “Tsugunosuke Kawai,” a great man from Nagaoka?

(The movie “Touge,” originally written by Ryotaro Shiba about “Tsugunosuke Kawai,” was released in 2021).

There are many monuments related to Nagaoka in the park, so visitors can ponder the history of Nagaoka while taking a walk.

The Nagaoka City Museum of Local History.
The museum introduces the achievements and personalities of Nagaoka’s predecessors who built the foundation of Nagaoka’s culture and played an active role in the city from modern times to the present.

From the observation deck on the fourth floor, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the Niigata Plain.
Next to the shrine is the Souji Shrine, where many people gather to pray, to do omikuji, and at the end of the year to pay their respects and count down the New Year’s Eve.


  • sports square 
  • petting zoo
  • monkey bars
  • Japanese-style garden
  • Local Archives

Location yukyuzan park
best time to see Early April – late April
address (e.g. of house) 80-5, Miyamacho, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture
management Nagaoka City Urban Facilities Development Division