Tsukioka Hot Spring

Tsukioka Hot Spring

The food and hot spring baths are a taste of Japanese culture, and the hot spring resort is a place where you will want to walk around.
The emerald green color of the hot spring water, which boasts the highest content of sulfur in Japan, is expected to be effective in beautifying the skin.
The sounds of nature and the scents of the seasons are brought to you from the vast countryside and the mountains in the distance.

good thing

Tsukioka Onsen boasts one of the highest sulfur content in Japan.
The rare and beautiful emerald green colored sulfur spring is called “the hot spring that makes you more beautiful,” and is very popular among women.
It is mildly alkaline and mildly stimulating to the skin. After bathing, one can expect to feel “moist skin” and excellent moisturizing effects.

Hot springs with numerous features

  • Tsukioka Hot Spring is 51 degrees at the source.
  • The spring is one of Japan’s top-class hot springs for beautiful skin with its “sulfur containing sodium chloride spring” (a slightly alkaline, hypotonic high hot spring).
    It is famous as “hot water of beauty” and “hot water of longevity” because it rejuvenates the skin after bathing, warms the body from the core, and remains in the body for a long time.

  • Smooth skin by its action of dissolving keratin of the skin.
    Bleaching and disinfecting effects make your skin beautiful and beautiful.
  • It is also said to be effective against stiff shoulders, women’s diseases, skin diseases, cuts, cuts, mild hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and hemorrhoids.

  • Tsukioka Onsen is a beautiful emerald green that is often mistaken for a bath salt.
  • It is said that the water of Tsukioka Onsen has seven different faces, and is usually a bright emerald green color. Then it changes to a milky white color…. The color changes subtly depending on the season and the weather and meteorological conditions of the day.

Hot spring resort that makes you want to walk

In the center of the hot spring resort area, a number of stores have opened where visitors can sample Niigata’s famous sake and wine.
In addition to stores where you can sample Niigata’s famous sake and wine, there are also stores where you can sample Niigata-born dried fish and fermented foods, and stores where you can try baking and decorating rice crackers by hand.
Please enjoy walking around Tsukioka.

Walking through the town, you will find footbaths, stores specializing in Japanese sake, and spots with garden lights that will make your heart dance every time you walk through the town.
While relaxing at an inn is a good idea, we also recommend strolling the streets of the hot spring resort town.

Location Tsukioka Hot Spring
address (e.g. of house) Tsukioka Onsen, Shibata-shi, Niigata 959-2338
organizing Tsukioka Onsen Ryokan Association
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