Takada Castle Site Park

Takada Castle Site Park

Takada Castle Site Park was built on the site of Takada Castle, which was constructed as the residence of Matsudaira Tadateru, the sixth son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and the entire park is designated as a historic site by Niigata Prefecture.

The current topography of the park is believed to have been created in 1907 when the former 13th Division of the Army entered the castle, when most of the earthen mounds were broken down and the moat was filled in.
The park covers an area of approximately 50 hectares, making it one of the largest parks in Japan located in the center of an urban area.

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Takada Joshi Park shows various faces throughout the four seasons.
It is one of the three best nighttime cherry blossoms in Japan.

The first 2,200 cherry trees were planted in 1909 by the Zainichi Gengenkai to commemorate the entrance of the former Army’s 13th Division into the castle.

It is said that there are approximately 4,000 cherry trees in the park and its surrounding area.
At night, the three-story tower and the cherry blossoms are reflected in the lights of the Bonbori lanterns, and the reflection on the surface of the moat is one of the three most beautiful nighttime cherry blossoms in Japan, adding to the splendor of the festival.
The annual cherry blossom viewing party attracts people from all over Japan as well as citizens who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring.
Sakura Road is a tunnel of illuminated cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms covering the sky create a fantastic sight different from that of the daytime, attracting people’s hearts.

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The plants, trees, and flowers show various expressions throughout the four seasons, but in autumn they change their appearance to bright red autumn leaves.

There are also popular foliage viewing spots where colorful leaves delight visitors.
In winter, the park becomes a fantastic snowy scene as if the world is enveloped in silver, and the park is beautiful in every season.

A nostalgic world where you can also feel the history of Niigata can be felt in each of the four seasons.


  • Cherry blossoms in full bloom
  • Cherry blossoms illuminated at night
  • Cherry Blossom Road
  • Takada Castle
  • etc.

Location Takada Castle Site Park
best time to see early April
address (e.g. of house) 44-1 Honjo-cho, Joetsu-shi, Niigata 943-0835
organizing (Park Management Section, Urban Development Division)
joint sponsorship