Okutadami Lake

Okutadami Lake

Selected as one of the “100 Best Places for Autumn Leaves in Japan,”
you can enjoy one of the most colorful autumn foliage landscapes in the prefecture.

The autumn foliage starts from the 2,000-meter mountains and moves to the surface of the lake, making it a spot where visitors can enjoy the autumn colors for a long time.
In the first half of the season, the green of the trees accentuates the autumn colors, and in the second half, visitors can enjoy the autumn leaves reflected on the surface of the lake.<

It is one of the largest man-made lakes in Japan, boasting a water storage capacity of 600 million cubic meters.
The Okutadami Silver Line, which was built to transport materials during dam construction, is 22 km long, of which 18 km is a tunnel.
The endless tunnels are like a time slip into another world.
It is also a recommended cool and refreshing spot in summer.
(※You cannot walk through the tunnel.)

new green leaves

The contrast between the fresh green of the mountains and the lingering snow is beautiful, almost like a fjord.
The view from a sightseeing boat while riding in the fresh spring breeze is exceptional.

leaves changing color (colour)

It is one of the best spots for autumn foliage in Niigata and has been selected as one of the 100 best places for autumn foliage in Japan.

There are many broadleaf trees, including primeval beech forests, and depending on the time of year you visit, you can see a variety of autumn colors such as red, purple, vermilion, and yellow.
A sightseeing boat is also available, and it is recommended to enjoy the colorful autumn leaves reflected on the surface of the lake from the lake.

Location Okutadami Lake
address (e.g. of house) Aza Otori, Yunotani Imokawa, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture
organizing Uonuma Tourism Association
joint sponsorship