Museum of Northern Culture

Museum of Northern Culture

Here is the culture of Niigata that you will want to pass on.

The floor you step on, the ceiling you look up at, the air that envelops you.
history lives and breathes in all of them.

From the buildings and gardens to the collection of artworks, the wealthy farmer’s mansion is filled with Niigata’s traditions and art.
The museum is filled with the “beauty of Japan” created by a rare landowner, enriching and nurturing the spirit.
The Museum of Northern Culture preserves and opens to the public the former mansion of the Ito family, a large landowner in Echigo.

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The more you see and know, the more you are drawn in.
The more you see and know, the more you will be fascinated by the remains of Echigo’s most wealthy farmers, where life and art come to life.

The vast grounds of the museum include the main building, a large hall, a tea ceremony room, and a storehouse, as well as a garden with a circular path around a pond designed by Echigo’s master gardener, Taiami Tanaka.
The museum also houses the collections of the successive heads of the family.

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The garden is decorated with autumn leaves that look as if they have been moved from the mountain of brocade, and the colors of the circular garden viewed from the large hall with 100 tatami mats are a must-see.
Visitors can enjoy the beautiful contrast of the vermilion and yellow of the maple trees with the green of the pine trees.

The garden is illuminated when the leaves change color.
The illumination gives the entire garden an impressive sense of depth and dimension.

Location Museum of Northern Culture
best time to see November 12 and 13
address (e.g. of house) 2-15-25 Sawaumi, Konan-ku, Niigata City, Niigata 950-0205, Japan
organizing The Museum of Northern Culture
joint sponsorship