Katakai Festival Asahara Shrine Autumn Festival

Katakai Festival Asahara Shrine Autumn Festival


What do people think of fireworks?

Katakai Festival Asahara Shrine Autumn Festival, where the world’s largest four-foot ball is launched. This is considered to be the largest in the world. Each shot is filled with the various thoughts of the person launching it, and each thought overlaps, takes shape and becomes a flower that shoots up into the night sky. The fireworks are the very heart of the person who launches them.

『Dedication Smoke Fires』, in which each one is filled with feelings.

 Thoughts on Katakai Fireworks

The festival has a history of individuals and companies dedicating fireworks with their various thoughts and feelings in mind, and each of them launches their own thoughts into the sky with fireworks. The fireworks dedicated in Katakai are not just fireworks to ‘watch’, but also ‘their own fireworks’, which are set off by each person involved in the festival. The people of the town also donate the 4-foot fireworks to the newcomers as a congratulatory firework for them. Welcome them with the best fireworks in Japan. This uniquely warm coming-of-age event has also become a long-standing tradition.

Traditions and connections that are passed down from place to place.
Fireworks for celebrations and wishes, for those who are close by, and for thoughts that can no longer be conveyed to the sky.
Various fireworks are shot up.

 The World’s Largest Shakudama

The largest firework in Japan, the Seiyonnshaku-dama, has a diameter of 850m and can be seen all over the town. The 4 Shaku Dama is the largest firework in Japan, and its mountain is shaped like a folding screen, which reflects the sound and allows you to enjoy the powerful bursts of sound.


A wooden cylinder, once used for launching fireworks, is pulled through the town. The event takes place during the day on both days of the Katakai Festival, with about 100 young people enlivening the town with a lively atmosphere.

ball feed

This event dedicates the fireworks balls launched at the Katakai Festival to the Asahara Shrine. Newcomers, people of bad luck and local groups participate in this event, which together with the ‘Tsutsuhiki’, creates a festive mood in Katakai town.

 Fireworks day and night

On 10 September, from 1 to 2 pm, a three-litre fireworks display will be set off by the old class reunion. Coloured by smoke, the midday fireworks are brilliant in the daytime sky. The midday fireworks event of the Katakai Festival is the only time the three-foot-tall fireworks can be seen in the daytime. In addition to the three-foot-tall ball, the midday fireworks also include a starmine and a series of fireworks every year!


You may have the impression that the Nagaoka Fireworks are one of the three major fireworks, but the fireworks you see after learning about the various feelings and histories of these local fireworks are extremely fascinating. Please visit in September.