Kakuda Beach

Kakuda Beach

Kakudahama Beach is a popular place for swimming, camping, and fireworks in summer.
This time, I would like to recommend a place called “Hangan Funakakushi”.
It is said that in March of the 3rd year of Bunji (1187), when Minamoto no Hankan Yoshitsune was chased by his elder brother Yoritomo and fell by the sea to Hiraizumi in Oshu, he hid himself and his boat to avoid his pursuers.
There are two caves, one large and one small. The one on the right is 28 m deep and 4 to 5 m wide with a ceiling height of 6.6 to 2.5 m above sea level, while the one on the left is 14 m deep and 2 m wide with a ceiling height of 4 to 5 m above sea level.
It is currently designated as a cultural asset of Niigata City.


Near Cape Kakuda Lighthouse, a cliff extends beyond the cave.
The horizon stretches on forever.
If you climb the lighthouse, you can see Sado Island.

The cave, with its mixture of history and mystery, is worth a visit.

Cape Kakuda Lighthouse

Cape Kakuda Lighthouse is a white lighthouse built on Cape Kakuda at the end of a ridge derived from the 482-meter-high Mount Kakuda facing the Sea of Japan.
The lighthouse is 12.57 meters high, and its tower rises 49.69 meters from sea level to the fire.
From the Kakudahama parking lot, pass through the cave of the “Hanganbunekakushi” (the “Judge’s Boat Hiding Cave”) in the humanitarian tunnel and climb the stairs along the cliff to reach the lighthouse.

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Location Kakuda Beach
address (e.g. of house) Kakudahama, Nishigama-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
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