Higashiyama Family Land

Higashiyama Family Land

This is a plaza where visitors can experience nature, people, and the four seasons in the midst of the magnificent nature of Higashiyama.

You can see flowers that change with the seasons, camp, and enjoy winter sports in winter.

On meteor shower days, many stars can be observed from the high ground away from the city. It is a quiet plaza where you can experience much of nature.


There are many people who enjoy camping regardless of the four seasons.

There is something special about drinking coffee in the natural air and eating a meal cooked with camping equipment.

There are many users, and the camp offers a unique way for users to talk and share with each other.

It is a place where you can get in touch with nature, engage with people, and enjoy yourself day and night.

sports square

A high plaza surrounded by greenery.There are also days when events are held, and it is a place where many people can enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.

At night, it offers a spectacular view of the city lights.The location away from the city, with little wasted light, and the quiet elevation also allows for stargazing, and on meteor shower days, more stars can be observed.The spectacular view, which cannot be seen in the city but is right there, is impressive.


  • camping-ground 
  • sports square 
  • lodge

Location Higashiyama Family Land
address (e.g. of house) 3300 Suseyoshi-cho, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata 940-0821
management Higashiyama Family Land Designated manager Nagaoka Higashiyama Phoenix Group
Representative Company Nagaoka Trucking Co.