【Touge Series 1】【A Journey with Tsugunosuke Kawai and Sake】Tadami Historical Exploration: Samurai Who Crossed the Eighty Miles

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Tour Details & Itinerary

Course Features


Navigator: Mr. Akira Yamada, Nagaoka Sightseeing Volunteer Guide

(1)Mr. Akira Yamada, a resident of Nagaoka City and one of the indispensable guides for Tsugunosuke Kawai, will guide us throughout the day.

He is a veteran guide for the Nagaoka City Tsugunosuke Kawai Memorial Museum and other places related to the Boshin War.

(2)Special Accompaniment: Mr. Suzuki Kiroku, author of “Heiroku to Zoku”

Mr. Suzuki is the author of “Heiroku and the Tribe,” a powerful work that summarizes the incident in which the Niwa Tribe, the Aizu Clan’s deputies in Tadami Village, committed suicide in order to procure food for the Nagaoka Clan and other clans based on a careful investigation of local materials.

(3)Special lecture (at Kawai Tsugunosuke Memorial Hall, Tadami Town): Mr. Tsuneo Iizuka, Tadami Town historian

Mr. Iizuka was a member of the Tadami Town Cultural Properties Investigation Committee and former Tadami Town Chief Education Officer, and was involved in the compilation of Tadami Town History when he was Chief Education Officer. He has served as a director of the Aizu Historical Society. Author of many books.

Mr. Iizuka has a history of accepting clansmen of the Nagaoka domain in Echigo who were defeated in the Boshin War.

About Destinations

This course will take you through the history of Tadami from the Edo period to the end of the Edo period. In the Kawai Tsugunosuke Memorial Hall, which was built on the site of the demise of Tsugunosuke Kawai, who was wounded and fell in the Boshin War, the “Room of the Demise” has been moved, and materials related to the Boshin War (Republica of the Gatling gun, life of Tsugunosuke Kawai, Boshin War in Nagaoka, Hachijuri-koshi, suicide of the Niwa clan, who were responsible for the acceptance of the Nagaoka clan, etc.) and Ryotaro Shiba’s calligraphy are exhibited. There is also an exhibition of Ryotaro Shiba’s calligraphy. In addition, there is a “Yamashio Museum” on the same site, which you can also visit here.

In addition, we will visit the oldest temple in Tadami, Iioji Temple, which was founded in 1143 and houses the grave of Tsugunosuke, who was buried with great care by the villagers. We will then visit the former Hasebe family residence (Kanazu guardhouse), an important cultural property designated by Fukushima Prefecture. This is the place where the feudal lord’s party evacuated from Nagaoka when the first castle fell, and thousands of feudal lords and their families evacuated from Nagaoka when the second castle fell, finally arrived after crossing the difficult Hachijiri Pass. They stayed in private homes in Tadami for a while and then headed for Aizu-Wakamatsu.

The appearance of the village nestled in the Tadami River and the mountains are also spectacular.

road map

Go to Uonuma City via Tochio, Nagaoka City. From there to Tadami Town in Fukushima Prefecture, the 760-meter-high mountain pass “Rokurikoshi Yukiwari Kaido” is an ideal spot for driving through the autumn leaves.

The best time to visit is from late October to early November. You can enjoy the change in color due to the difference in elevation, and if your timing is right, you can see the Tadami Line running through the autumn leaves.

Rokusato” is an old mountain pass connecting Niigata and Fukushima.

It is said that people who came and went along the road at that time felt that the six ri was ten times as long as the road because it was so steep, hence the name.

The road is closed in winter from mid-November to mid-May every year. Take a break at Tagokura Lake View at Tagokura Dam. View of Tagokura Lake, Tadami Lake and Tadami Dam/Tadami Town.


After that, we will take you to the historical site of the Boshin War in Tadami Town Nakagami from the train window.

At the final destination, Kawai Tsugunosuke Memorial Hall / Iouji Temple (10 minutes walk from the memorial hall), we will stay for 2 hours. Return home via the same road.

On the way, stop by Echigo Yukikura-kan/Tamagawa Sake Brewery in Uonuma City for a tour of the brewery, tasting and sales.

Echigo Yukikura-kan/Tamagawa Sake Brewery

In Tochio, Nagaoka City, we stopped at Roadside Station R290 for a restroom break.


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